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Lapvision : Surgery and Anesthesia Team Training Simulator

Diagnostic and Surgical Skills In Laparoscopy

The LapVision simulator has been designed for surgeons and a wide range of medical specialists to safely learn, refine and retain laparoscopic skills. From basic to advanced levels of operation, LapVision provides a comprehensive educational platform that tests technical skills in a variety of surgical scenarios. LapVision can be easily integrated into any surgical curriculum or training program, complete with a library of educational modules of common laparoscopic procedures.

Lapvision Sub-Categories

lapVision Smart

lapVision Standard

lapVision Hybrid

lapVision Smart


  • Mobile and convenient, forged with on-the-go functionality in mind

  • Compact, easily transportable, modifiable with additional trocars

  • A magnetic feedback system allows for a unique, realistic feel of tissue resistance

  • Pedals for coagulation and electric dissection

  • Wireless universal instruments with realistic handles

  • Internal anatomies were modeled using real footage

  • Three camera angles: 0°,30°,45°

lapVision Standard


  • Mobile and convenient sturdy wheelbase with adjustable height.

  • A perfect solution for simulation centers and training rooms.

  • Two Full HD monitors , with one toch sensitive for all your menu controls and one for endocamera feed.

  • Instrument holder

  • Adjustable height

  • The proprietary magnetic feedback system

  • Pedals for coagulation and electric dissection

LapVision Hybrid

Surgical and anesthesiology skills are paramount, however cooperation and communication skills are just as important. The hybrid version of our endosurgery simulator (LapVisionHybrid) allows running scenarios in a simulated operating room environment. The only complete OR experience on the market, it allows having truly unique training scenarios. It also ensures teamwork experience; to develop cooperation and communication skills, we offer:
  • high fidelity patient simulator
  • simulation of surgical teamwork
  • a fully equipped laparoscopic stand with instrument controls and real medical devices

LapVision Hybrid


  • Complete OR setup for the whole surgical team

  • Resuscitation is available as well

  • Magnetic haptic feedback with true-to-life tissue resistance

  • Simultaneous training of 2 surgeons with additional trocars and realistic positioning

  • The surgeon's action are sync with the humans patient simulator’s vital sign

  • Realistic interactive laparoscopic stand setup

  • Virtual anaesthesia and ventilation machines hook-up

  • Pedals for coagulation and electric dissection

Laparoscopic Instruments

We provide instrument imitations for every instrument manufacturer brand out there, available by special order.
  • Wireless instruments can be pulled out from the ports for maximum realism
  • Modeled after real instruments
  • Effortless tool selection and swap
  • Freeze function for all instruments if you want to train using one hand only
Software :
  • Training and exam modes
  • Detailed statistics after each module
  • High definition 3D graphics
  • Visual tips and guidelines
  • Video and text materials
  • 3D anatomy atlas

Lapvision smart and standard : Download Brochure

Lapvision Hybrid : Download Brochure

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