About Us

Maveric Solution Inc was founded in 2006 with the goal of providing latest technology to it's customers and inspiring the next generation . Maveric has been transforming technology in the Medical and Engineering sector for the last 16 years. . From 2021 onwards, our ever growing and diversified solution approach has made us a Global company.

We are an innovative team of Doctors and Engineers who have an in-depth knowledge of 3D, Simulation, Engineering and Medical sciences. We work very closely with the Medical and Engineering Fraternity to conceptualise, develop and integrate state of the art skill training & Competency building simulators which help in improving patient safety

At Maveric Solution Inc , we believe in the boundless potential of technology and with Make in India approach , we have partnered with the world's most innovative technology companies like Anatomage,Neosim, Organis, Medvision, 3D systems, Artec, Luxion, to develop niche solutions in the field of Medical simulation. It is this spirit of innovation and saving lives through simulation, that fuels our desire to tackle the most pressing challenges.

Our Mission

What do we do?

Whom do we serve?

How do we serve them?

Maveric Solution Inc.'s mission is to bridge the gap between theory and practice in medical education and promote research ( in medical and engineering domains); by providing state of the art medical simulators; based on evidence based medicine, to help develop a standardized training program, ,through competency based ,self paced learning and to make assessments objective; in a safe environment which translates to saving lives in the real world.

Our Vision

Our hopes and dreams

what problems we are solving?

who or what we are aspiring to change?

Is to be the world's leading company in advanced medical simulation that reduces medical errors and saves lives in the real world.Maveric Solution Inc.'s vision is to become a single window pioneer in providing state of products solutions to the Medical fraternity to help develop and provide a standardized training program/curriculum across Medical institutions. Our vision is to provide education, assessment, research and health system integration in facilitating patient safety through our health simulation solutions. The combined solutions of Bio-engineered products will bridge the gap between Theory and practice in medical education and research development. Simulation -based education (SBE) will provide a structured, learner- centred environment in which novice, intermediate and advanced practitioners can learn or practice skills without causing harm to patients.

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