LuSi ,our Neonatal Lung Simulator ,is world's first autonomous and advance baby lung simulator with real-time artificial intelligence . To train clinicians in the assessment of pulmonary function and responds to treatment without operator’s intervention . It can simulate pathologies like RDS, lung collapse, weak muscular activity, pneumothorax , airway obsctruction,etc. LuSi responds to treatment without operator intervention and can simulate pathologies like RDS, lung collapse, weak muscular activity, pneumothorax, airway obstruction, etc. Models based on scientific literature, for example Latzin Lung Volume, Breathing Pattern and Ventilation Inhomogeneity in Preterm and Term Infants. PLoS One 2009:4/2 e4635

To name few Applications of respiratory therapy without risk to patients:

Integrated vital signs monitor

Use the Vital Signs Monitor window to display the results of treatment in real-time. Include pre-ductal and arterial pulse oximetry. Configure the monitor to match the device of your unit. Modify technical features of monitors, for example the rise time of capnometers, to teach potential and limitations for use in neonates.

Plug-and-play solution

Hardware : LuSi is shipped in a flight case ready to be used, complete with rechargeable batteries, battery charger and software.>

Software : The windows based scenario building and editing software LuSiLIFE runs on almost all laptops and communicates with LuSi via Bluetooth.

Vital Signs Monitor : Vital signs monitor is created by simply adding a second monitor to the laptop and expanding the display. NOTE: Laptop and external monitor are not part of the delivery!



  • Lung Mechanics

    Programmable airway resistance

    Programmable total compliance and chest wall compliance

    Non-linear Pv curves

    Make the lungs recruitable or non-recruitable

  • Haemodynamics

    Change cardiac output

    Create true shunt To create persistent pulmonary hypertension

  • Respiratory Control

    Programmable PaCO2 to mimic central respiratory control

    Programmable inspiratory effort

    Programmable apnea

    to create any patte

    rn of spontaneous breathing

  • Gas Exchange

    Change work of breathing

    programmable diffusion factor

    Programmable dead space

    Programmable O2 dissociation curve

    Create metabolic alkalosis or acidosis

  • Special Effects

    Create leaks

    Add movement artifacts

    Create PtcCO2 Bias

Trainer control software LuSiLIFE

The design and selection of pathologies is controlled by LuSiLIFE, a touch screen enabled, pathology building and execution program. Execution of pre assembled cases, loading of patient case libraries, on-the-fly changes, notes taking and complete data recording for later analysis
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