TestChest, is an innovative full physiologic artificial lung that provides a breakthrough in mechanical ventilation training. It is the key to various questions viz.

How to set mechanical ventilation?

How to interpret wave forms?

How to apply high-flow oxygen therapy?

For training and education of clinicians, especially respiratory therapists and intensive care professionals, testChest creates realistic breathing in health and disease. In contrast to other lung simulators, testChest lung simulator is autonomous. It can be treated with all respiratory support methods and automatically respond with outcome.

TestChest® is developed to simulate the human heart and respiratory system for teaching and training purposes. It can be used either as a stand-alone skill training station or integrated into a full-scale patient simulator.

Unique Simulation Features

Representing complex breathing patterns through programmable driving pressure (p0.1) and respiratory rate.

Muscular activity important criteria for weaning, can be easily simulated

variable resistance and its inspiratory compliance is a non-linear function that can be represented as S-shape curve.

programmable FRC and allows the simulation of lung collapse and recruitment as well as hysteresis of the pressure-volume loop.

Realistic reponses replicates gas exchange and hemodynamic responses.

The most important function not only limited to training as it is further intended to check the functionalities of ventilators, CPAP devices, and other respiratory support devices in laboratory facilities.

Works with all ventilators

TestChest is a universal simulator that can be connected to all ventilators, for intubated patients as well as mask ventilation. All modalities are possible: pressure-volume manoeuvres, recruitment, PEEP adjustment, expiratory trigger sensitivity, pressure control, assist control, volume control, SIMV, PAV, adjustment, APRV, PSV, CPAP, PRVC, ASV, Intellivent and all other modalities.

Creates outcome

The scenario will be set as a patient, the result of the treatment provided by the trainee will be shown on airway pressures, lung volume, arterial oxygen saturation, end-tidal CO2, and more. The outcome is not created by the operator but by the interaction between trainee and TestChest, in real-time and reproducibly. New forms of interactive learning are possible: submit the same case to different students and let them compete on the outcome in a safe environment.

Intended Use

This highly accurate, versatile instrument represents the premier choice for respiratory care training. Due to its physiological modelling, TestChest can be set to represent any kind of clinical manifestation of pulmonary disease, even ones that are not know today as shown with Covid-19 patients. Product development and testing for ventilators, CPAP, aerosol drug delivery and other respiratory therapy devices can be easily done with TestChest.



  • Lung Mechanics

    Programmable airway resistance

    Programmable total compliance and chest wall compliance

    Non-linear Pv curves

    Make the lungs recruitable or non-recruitable

  • Haemodynamics

    Change cardiac output

    Add cardiogenic oscillations

    for real time display of heart lung interactions

  • Respiratory

    choose from a variety of different spontaneous breathing pattern or create your own

    Programmable inspiratory effort

  • Gas Exchange

    Change work of breathing

    programmable diffusion factor

    Programmable dead space

    To create pathologies like Covid ARDS

    Create metabolic alkalosis or acidosis

  • Special Effects

    Add leaks

TestChest LIFE

Control panel The basic operator panel offers the selection of the pre- configured patients and the degree of breathing activity. Changes from ARDS to airway obstruction and all concomitant physiological changes are done at the click of a button.

Case creation creation A complete case editor with goal setting and progression steps enables efficient scenario creation.

ISO80601-2-12 Calibration facilities and measurement tools make TestChest ideal for tesing and quality control.

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