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Eyesi Slit Lamp


HAAG-STREIT SIMULATION develops highly interactive, outstandingly realistic simulations of diagnostic and surgical procedures and high-end VR input and output devices

Eyesi Slit Lamp is a virtual reality simulator for training of eye examinations. Using the embedded curriculum, trainee ophthalmologists and optometrists can practice both the complex handling of a slit lamp and recognition of relevant clinical manifestations - independent from patient flow and hospital routine. The practical training on the simulator is complemented by introductory online couses on the VRmNet web portal


  • All functions of a Real slit Lamp- Lifelike Operation

  • Procedural and diagnostic training

  • Lifelike Training Environment- Device Handling

  • Standardized Curriculum for self -guided learning

  • Evidence-based assessment

  • High-End Virtual reality - Immersive Training Experience

  • Presice Mechanics and Optics - Microscope and Illumination Arm

  • Retinal Examinations - Fumdoscopy Lens

  • Patient's Eyes- Examination Settings

  • Eyesi Slit Lamp Courseware - Curriculum for self-guided learning


Web Portal for Networked Simulators

VRmNet is a web-based service available for networked medical training simulators from Haag-Streit Simulation. The web portal offers online features for both trainees and educators. Users can access their personalized VRmNet

dashboard from any computer or mobile device 24/7

eyesi dashboard
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