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Eyesi Direct

Training Simulator for Retinal Examinations

HAAG-STREIT SIMULATION develops highly interactive, outstandingly realistic simulations of diagnostic and surgical procedures and high-end VR input and output devices

Eyesi Direct Ophthalmoscope is a virtual reality simulator for training of direct ophthalmoscopy. Eyesi Direct is handled the same way as its real counterpart. Looking through the direct ophthalmoscope, students can examine virtual patients of varying age and ethnicity. The Eyesi Direct curriculum is suitable for students of ophthalmology as well as primary care, neurology, internal medicine, family medicine, and emergency medicine


  • High-end virtual Reality- Immersive Training experience

  • Lifelike Direct Ophthalmoscope - Device Handling

  • Diopter Settings and Light Intensity - Ophthalmoscope Controls

  • Light and patient's Eyes- Examination settings

  • Eyesi direct Courseware - Curriculum for self-guided learning


Web Portal for Networked Simulators

VRmNet is a web-based service available for networked medical training simulators from Haag-Streit Simulation. The web portal offers online features for both trainees and educators. Users can access their personalized VRmNet

dashboard from any computer or mobile device 24/7

eyesi dashboard
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