Figure 4

Earsi Otoscope


HAAG-STREIT SIMULATION develops highly interactive, outstandingly realistic simulations of diagnostic and surgical procedures and high-end VR input and output devices

The virtual reality simulator Earsi Otoscope allows medical students to practice handling of the otoscope and recognition of the most common pathologies of the ear. Earsi Otoscope is equipped with a lifelike model ear and otoscope handpiece in order to foster correct examination techniques. The preinstalled curriculum has been designed to teach recognition of the most common pathologies within only a few hours.


Realistic Examination Training

The Earsi Otoscope simulator is handled the same way as its real counterpart and allows for realistic practice of ear examinations, including pencil grip and pinna pull. Looking through the otoscope into the model ear, trainees see a lifelike, three-dimensional representation of the external and middle ear simulated in real-time.


  • Ready-to-Go Curriculum with an embedded courseware

  • Different Stages of Pathologies

  • Easy Administration

  • Lifelike training environment

  • Evidence-based assessment

  • Device handling-Lifelike Atoscope

  • Otoscope settings- Light intensity and examination focus

  • Touch screen - Examining the Pinna

Feedback and Evaluation


Online Services for Networked Simulators

VRmNet is a web-based service for networked Eyesi simulators offering online courses for trainees and administration tools for educators as well as benefits for operation and service. The personalized VRmNet dashboard can be accessed online from any computer or mobile device 24/7

eyesi dashboard
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