The Specialist In Industrial Computer Tomography Systems

From the tiny material sample to the helicopter, from the prehistoric work of art to the satellite engine , from material development to production control , we offer RayScan solutions for your questions in testing and measurement technology or science.

RayScan +

Configurable 3D computed tomography system that can be equipped with different X-ray sources and different X-ray detectors simultaneously.

While brilliant microfocus sources in combination with area detectors enable high-resolution, fast 3D micro-CT, the combination of a powerful X-ray tube and a line detector allows high-contrast tomography of very large ones or massive test objects.

The basis for this is the modular RayScan manipulator system made of high-precision manufactured granite, flexibly configurable and automatically movable axes, as well as guides and bearings for highest accuracies and loads

All hardware and software components are controlled and monitored via the RayWare® software package. All functions are brought together in an intuitive user interface. Whether classic non-destructive testing, dimensional metrology or reverse engineering, the applications for RayScan + are diverse - the possibilities are almost unlimited.

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