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From the tiny material sample to the helicopter, from the prehistoric work of art to the satellite engine , from material development to production control , we offer RayScan solutions for your questions in testing and measurement technology or science.

Rayscan 130

3D micro-computer tomography equipment for a variety of applications from testing and measurement.

Equipped with an area detector, a microfocus X-ray tube and a compact mechanism, the RayScan 130 provides fast, high-resolution 3D micro-CT access to comprehensive object analysis.

TThe volume data of a scan allow a variety of evaluations such as non-destructive material testing, completeness and assembly control, dimensional metrology and target-performance comparison. The generation of surface data enables, among other things, reverse engineering and 3D printing.

The system is operated via the RayWare® software package. All functions are combined in a clear user interface. Thanks to the slim design with integrated X-ray cabin, RayScan 130 can be installed in virtually any room and put into operation quickly without major installation effort.

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