ProCon X-Ray GmbH has been developing and building industrial 3D X-ray systems for industrial applications since January 2004. The systems serve as a solution for non-destructive material analysis, metrology, 3D measurement etc.

The systems of ProCon X-Ray GmbH offer maximum flexibility with regard to the required components for the respective requirements of the customer. Many years of experience and a competent team of experts enable the development of tailor-made solutions at the highest level.

Industrial CT Systems For Non-Destructive Material Testing

Material testing is becoming increasingly important in times of optimized processes and the requirements are higher. Industrial computed tomography offers enormous technical advantages, especially when it comes to non-destructive material testing .

In addition to NDT, our industrial CT systems also enable the measurement of objects, for example for a first sample inspection or in the field of reverse engineering .

ProCon X-Ray GmbH has been developing solutions for customers from industry and university research with its X-ray systems for more than 10 years .

3d Printers



Vertical drill core system

Fast detector readout 4000 x 2000 pix

HELIX CT up to 3 meters

Bi-tube solution high res, high power

High accuracy by Air Cushion bear-ring and slip-contact rings


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