Anatomage has been a market leader developing the most advanced 3D rendering software for both medical and dental specialists for M

more than ten years. Invivo6, our latest version, maintains an intuitive user interface while still delivering a wide range of diagnostic
capabilities so you can provide the best healthcare for your patients.

Integrate Your 3D Data

Our 3D imaging software is open to all CBCT DICOM data enabling you to treatment plan from a central, intuitive platform.

Advance Your Planning

Comprehensive 2D and 3D visualizations allow for quick diagnosis, improving treatment planning efficiency for all dental specialties.

Enhance Your Care

Expand your patient care and capabilities with complementary 3D services such as surgical guides, digital modeling, 3D printing, and more.

Surgical Guide

Anatomage provides a complete guided surgery solution comprised of the most advanced 3D imaging software and accurate surgical guides to precisely place any implant. Treatment plan with ease and confidence using Invivo or InvivoLight 3D software.

The Anatomage Guide will then accurately provide depth and trajectory control based on your virtual treatment plan. Take advantage of our universal s urgical guide kit and rapid turnaround to achieve consistent surgical outcomes.

Planar 2D
Planar 2D
3D Imaging

3D IMAGING The Invivo software offers the highest quality volume rendering for multi-disciplinary applications. Combined with the flexibility to work with any CT, MRI, or PET DICOM data it easily becomes the clear choice for clinicians of all backgrounds.

Invivo continues to lead the way with 3D treatment planning and diagnosis. Easily transition from 2D to 3D case planning for implant placement, restoration design, cephalometric tracing, digital study models, face wrapping, superimposition, and more.

Airway Analysis

Invivo provides the platform to visualize and measure patient airway like never before. Airway analysis tools quickly calculate minimum cross-sectional area giving insight into obstructive sleep apnea and other airway related ailments.

Super-impose CBCT scans before and after corrective treatment to evaluate effectiveness and present this progress to your patients in 3D. Airway analysis capabilities are exclusive to our Invivo 3D imaging software and now available on the Mac

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Invivo caters to the broad needs of endodontists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, periodontists, prosthodontists, and radiologists with comprehensive capabilities.


Hit the ground running with a beautiful design, simple workflow, and logical interface. Learn fast and improve patient care with Anatomage’s Invivo 3D imaging software.


Invivo is used by major academic institutions, top private practices, opinion leaders, and research projects around the world and consistently gets the highest remarks.


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Radiology Application

Automatic and efficient volume reconstruction is the hallmark of Anatomage’s 3D imaging software. Save time and avoid manual model conversion by simply loading your patient’s DICOM data from any cone beam CT machine.

Invivo’s wide range of rendering presets will allow you to visualize unique anatomy not easily seen on standard x-rays, including the soft tissue profile and the airway canal.

Implant Planning

Implant planning in Invivo is fast and intuitive. Select your preferred implant products from an extensive library for quick placement. Paralled implant designs volumetric sinus measurements, and intraoral scan registration is easily accomplished.

Improve your accuracy and visualize your treatment plan objective in 3D with the most advanced planning tools on the market.

Planar 2D
Planar 2D
Orthodontic Applications

3D CBCT imaging has brought more diagnostic information and digital capabilities to orthodontists. Invivo in particular has become the platform for visualizing 3D scans to quickly analyse patient malocclusion,transpalatal width,molar angulation, and more.

Anatomodels in concert with Invivo have allowed orthodontists to move away from static physical models and treatement plan using dynamic digital study models.

Endodontic Applications

Invivo6 offers an intuitive and simple to use endodontic application for a more complete examination of both internal and external tooth structures. Clinicians can accurately visualize internal canal morphology; including root curvature,number, and location of canals.

Highly accurate diagnostic imaging assesses prognosis and provides practitioners with the detailed anatomical information necessary for making confident treatment decisions.

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Quality service for construction projects and Automative service.