InspecVision Ltd. Is a USA based organisation , which was established in March 2003 to develop a range of precision inspection machines for industrial applications. They are specialists in the design and manufacture of computer vision-based measurement systems for industrial applications.




Siemens facility in China purchased a Planar P220.50 machine to enable them to inspect parts in a timely and accurate manner. They develop and manufactures medium-voltage vacuum interrupters, vacuum circuit-breakers (VCB), and gas-insulated switchgears (GIS).

They found the equipment so effective and the support so impressive that they have recommended the Planar machine to other sheet metal manufacturer's, as they believe it is very easy to maintain, simple to operate, has a very low fault rate and works well in factory floor conditions.

"The Planar machine has reduced our inspection time by 80%. We inspect about 90% more parts than before"

Siemens, Jiangsu Province Quality Manager China

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Marshall Aerospace

Marshall Aerospace are one of the UK's leading independent aerospace contractors. The Cambridge based company is a Boeing supplier and are involved in the design and manufacture of Boeing 777 systems, and Hercules aircraft.

Marshall Aerospace is one company that is leading the way in modern manufacturing methods, having done away with time-consuming and inaccurate process of inspecting flat components visually using foil lofts. In it's place the company are using the Planar 2D inspection system.

"We have virtually eliminated the need for drawings, resulting in savings throughout the production process."

Kevin Patterson, Manufacturing Support Manager Marshall Aerospace

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