Latest Artec Studio 13 has been introduced

It’s very simple to scan in Artec Studio thanks to the new 3D Radar mode. Artec Studio will show you that you are holding the scanner at the optimal distance by visualizing the real-time 3D data in green. Move the scanner a little too close and the image will turn red, a little too far back and it will turn blue. Keep the data capture green to be sure you are getting the best results.

  • Powerful algorithms for fast,intuitive scanning
  • A lighter and more accessible solution for scanning in the field.
  • Now you can scan on a tablet or Mac with more ease.
  • Fast Automated post-processing
  • Autopilot mode: run through 4 easy steps to an accurate ,watertight model.
  • Manual mode:controlled,flexible processing at breath-taking speed.
  • Automatically delete the base your object was scanned on.
  • Auto-align for quick , easy processing . Now 95% of objects can be auto-aligned with total accuracy at the click of a button
  • Global registration , a key step in Autopilot or manual processing ,is now up to double the speed in Artec Studio 13! Save minutes on processing small objects,hours on larger projects!