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The Capture™ Mini scanner from 3D Systems delivers accurate and fast blue light 3D scanning technology in a portable, lightweight unit that can be hand-held, static and easily combined into a multi-scanner configuration. With the optional ProPack, you can seamlessly add hands-free turntable scanning and transport your scanner safely in a high-quality case. The Capture Mini is integrated with Geomagic reverse engineering and 3D inspection software for rapid and highly accurate scan-to-3D processes. Bring physical objects directly into CAD, supercharge your product development process, and automate precise 3D inspection with Capture - the powerful, integrated, industrial-grade 3D scanner and software system.

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The award-winning Touch X pushes haptic capabilities to the next level, beyond the boundaries of the standard Geomagic Touch, providing more precise positioning input and high-fidelity force-feedback output. For 3D modeling and design, surgical training, virtual assembly and other procedures that require a higher degree of precision, Touch X is an easy-to-use, affordable option that requires a higher degree of precision,Touch X is an easy-to-use,affordable option that pairs perfectly with Geomagic Freeform and Geomagic Sculpt for the perfect design interface. The Touch X haptic devices allow users to feel 3D on-screen objects by applying force feedback on the user's hand, and the Touch X delivers expanded true-to-life sensations with a more fluid feel and lower fri ction.

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The Touch is a mid-range professional haptic device that can be used in research, 3D modeling, OEM applications and more, Touch allows users to freely sculpt 3D clay, enhance scientific or medical simulations, increase productivity with interactive training, and easily manoeuvre mechanical components to produce higher quality designs. Touch is a motorized device that applies force feedback on the user's hand, allowing them to feel virtual objects and producing true-to-life touch sensations as user manipulates on-screen 3D objects. Leading companies integrate the Touch and haptics into their work to achieve compelling solutions using the realistic sense of touch. Touch can be used in diverse applications, including: simulation, training, skills assessment, rehearsal, virtual assembly, robotic control, collision detection, machine interface design, rehabilitation, mapping and dozens of other applications. When used with 3D system's OpenHaptics toolkit, Touch allows developers to rapidly design and deploy haptic programs, do mash-ups into existing applications, try out new ideas, and create haptically enabled products.

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